Just slightly larger than the average housecat, Vulpes lagopus—the arctic fox—is a silent and prolific hunter. The pelt of the arctic fox is unmatched for warmth, sustaining it at temperatures below -50° Celsius. Its fur is brown, grey-brown, blue-grey, or dark blue-grey in the warmer months. In the long Arctic winter, most turn pure white, although some populations show lighter blue-grey through the winter phase. The fox’s thick fur covers its small rounded ears and even the pads of its feet, for optimum warmth.

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Special features:
•   This coin is a premium version of the Royal Canadian Mint’s 99.99% pure gold bullion coin, struck in proof finish with mirror-like background.
•   Struck to a limited mintage of 2,000 coins available worldwide.
•   A stunning addition to any collection featuring Canadian wildlife, images of nature or Canadiana.

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